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So You Think You Know How to Remove Dents from Your Car?

Handy Tips from a Professional Auto Dent Removal Service

Some vehicle dents are so big that they need specialized equipment, skill and knowledge to fix; however, some can be easily popped out using some basic tools which most people have around their house. The two ways of repairing a vehicle dent at home are: using a plunger or the hammer and dolly method. Using a plunger is as easy as attaching the plunger to the dented surface, making sure to have a good vacuum seal, and simply pulling it out. Repairing dents using a hammer and dolly is a bit more complicated and requires access to the panel which is dented from the back side. This means placing a dolly or just a piece of wood on the dented surface, and then tapping it with a hammer.

The process of fixing vehicle dents is quite easy theory; however, it can become very  complicated when put into practice. A basic concept behind most body repairs involve the application of force which is equal and opposite to what the damage was in the first place. Since body panels on most vehicles have a memory, the usage of this force usually pops them back into place. F damage which is complex or extensive, different methods will be considered like a professional auto dent removal service. If the the paint is damaged, it will need separate work done.

One of the easiest ways to repair dents at home is by using a plunger. A standard toilet plunger can be used in most cases, although specialized suction cup pullers can also be purchased. The first step is to clean around the dent, after this is done, the plunger can be used. Slowly depress the plunger, taking care not to push the dent in further. Most dents will just pop right out if the plunger is pulled away using a lot of force.

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