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We offer the most trusted auto state inspection!

If you are looking for authorized auto state inspection company, well stop searching – All-Type Collision Repair is the solution to your problems. Our inspectors have been educated and trained to pass all Brooklyn NY state tests, and be competent of all state laws pertaining to auto state inspections procedures. The standards that each inspector possesses are of the highest standards regarding security. Not only will we offer a full inspection of your car, we will kindly educate and inform you of the most budget-friendly ways to keep your vehicle running at top performance at all times. Just visit us and have your car inspected – no appointment necessary.

Car state inspections can prevent vehicle failure on the road

For several decades most states require auto inspections as a way to ensure the safety of all cars on the road. Тhe law does not allow to renew your car’s registration without passing an auto state inspection. Regular auto state inspections by a mechanicAn inspection is also important because can be spotted potential problems that cannot be noticed or seen by the driver. If your exhaust system is failing or your brakes are wearing down in Brooklyn NY, the mechanics doing your inspection will spot and let you know before it becomes a costly and even bigger problem. Making sure that vehicles are functioning properly and well-maintained saves lives. Having a broken windshield wipers or faulty brake system does endanger not only the life of the driver, but the lives of the other passengers, and other drivers on the road. One of the many reasons why annual automotive inspections are so important is because many deadly accidents are caused by automobiles that are badly maintained.

Our competent and experienced mechanics in Brooklyn NY will perform a full inspection service and if necessary collision repair and make sure that the car measures up to all safety standards and that everything is in proper condition before you write the check. No appointment necessary! Call All-Type Collision Repair on (718) 492-8143 today!