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Is your vehicle making funny noises under the hood again? Perhaps you frequently find yourself stuck in the middle of the road because your car broke down again? It’s time to call in the experts for auto body repair services. In Brooklyn NY, a name that is trusted than any other local contractor is All-Type Collision Repair. With affordable rates, remarkable responsiveness, and lifelong auto repair service results, it’s no surprise how dominating All-Type Collision Repair is. We are exclusive dent removal service provider for the area of Brooklyn NY. With flawless collision repair and auto state inspections our company has turned into people’s first choice when they need professional services.

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Address: 218 48th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Phone: (718) 492-8143

Toolset for car body repair

All-Type Collision Repair is the authority brand for automotive work in Brooklyn NY. We service various car makes and models. Our facility is well-built and outfitted with the best and latest technology. For more than 40 years, All-Type Collision Repair has aimed solely for the finest customer service possible. And with thousands of auto body repair and collision repair projects completed successfully and a relative number of clients satisfied and retained, it is safe to say we have succeeded so far. Now we even provide safety auto state inspections for your convenience. With the strong and loyal support of clients, we plan on continuing our car body repair and dent removal services for future decades to come.

Leave the car body repair to the professionals

Maintaining and repairing automobiles are difficult processes. It requires a particular skill set and knowledge on mechanical and automotive aspects. It will take more than ambition, time, and a toolkit to manage the responsibility successfully. It may even be more dangerous and destructive to do the project yourself. Your untrained hands and inexperienced judgments may worsen the damage, which ultimately worsens the cost of repairs. Prevent this from happening by hiring All-Type Collision Repair for superior repair and auto dent removal service. At our company, we precisely prepare and plan every move to guarantee improvements and eliminate possibility of failure. Our mechanics are all seasoned and licensed professionals who know what they are doing. You won’t have to worry about your car getting ripped apart in our auto shop.

Auto repair done by a mechanic in Brooklyn, NYWhether you need to auto body repair a Porsche or a BMW, a luxury sedan or an RV, All-Type Collision Repair has got you covered. Our decades of experience has allowed us to be versatile in different projects that come our way. From the start, we have expected to encounter varying cases from the simplest oil changes to more complicated transmission repairs. At All-Type Collision Repair, we keep ourselves updated regarding the latest automotive inventory and practices on the present market. This guarantees we maintain a competitive edge and that we are able to impart the finest possible car body repair services to our beloved clients.

If you have a favorite car that needs special car restoration service, please feel free to contact us. If you do not have the skills and time to work on your car, but you want it in perfect condition, simply visit us. We have the experience and parts for all major brands. Choose our auto restoration service and you won’t regret it.

All-Type Collision Repair is also proud to present its insanely low prices. At All-Type Collision Repair, we aim to provide professional collision & auto repair services without the steep costs. You will find it quite hard to beat or even match our quotes. Such reputation also precedes our speed and precision. To know more about our auto repair and maintenance services, call us and visit our mechanics today at (718) 492-8143!

by Lucy on
Great Job!!

I am extremely happy the way my car looks. Just like nothing ever happened to it!! They took care of me and my car in a very professional way and had my car back in a week.

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